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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new around here you might have some questions about Tours 4 Students, what we do and how we can save you time effort and money on days out, nights out, european student tours, student sports tours and paintball. Keep reading and you'll find out!

FAQ'sFrequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Here at Tours4, we know exactly how difficult it is to organise a day or night out for a group of students. That’s why we’ve created Tours4 Students! Our dedicated team can take all the hassle out of organising a day or night out for any group of students, not just saving you time and money but saving your degree/social life (delete as appropriate).

The Tours4 Students team have been busy searching for the very best days and nights out for students in your region and throughout the UK at the best student prices. So don’t waste time and effort chasing around for the best deals, we’ve already found them!

Why choose us?

We have a dedicated team who can help you organise your student excursion from start to finish.

  • Days Out: Paintball, Karting, The Races, Theme Parks, Ice skating, Skiing.....
  • Nights Out: Clubbing, Comedy Clubs, The Dogs, Party Bus, The Theatre and more..
  • Student Weekends: Prague, Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, Edinburgh.....

Whether you are organising Freshers Week, End of Exam activities, or an excursion for a hall, sports club, society or department… ‘We’ll do the work, but YOU take the credit!’

What do we do?

Did you know that if you organise a tour or excursion yourself it is YOU the organiser, not the University or Education Authority that is responsible if something goes wrong, scary huh! It is your responsibility to ensure that you, the venues and travel companies you use, have the appropriate insurance, health and safety and security policies.

Relax!…Tours4 Students takes all of this pressure away from you and save your students ££££'s. Students already have enough to worry about, what with overdrafts, exams and making sure you don’t miss happy hour at the Union.

We will save you time, effort and money leaving you to concentrate on the student life! If you are the tour organiser you might even be entitled to a free place.

How do I use the website?

The Tours4Students website couldn’t be more simple to use.

  • Step 1 – Why choose Tours4Students? (you’ve just read it!)
  • Step 2 – Select your region.
  • Step 3 – Select your tour option.
  • Step 4 – Contact us to book your tour.

Go and get the drinks in, you’ve just organised a brilliant Tour 4 Students!

Why are your prices so cheap?

The Tours4 Students team have negotiated deals all over the country with coach companies and attractions large and small in your area. As a national company we can arrange jaw-dropping deals for groups of students, whether 20 of you want to go to the races or 500 of you want to go to a nightclub. We have negotiated very competitive discounts with coach companies in each region because we will exclusively use the company that offers us the best price and service for each Tours4Students booking we get in that area.

Using the same principle we have been able to negotiate massively discounted prices and student deals with regional and national attractions sometimes saving you up to 50% off the normal entry price. For example, in each area we will take the paintball venue that offers us the most attractive discounts and service for students and use it as our main venue for that region. The main venue in each region will be our first port of call when a University in that region wants to book a tour with us. There are so many places out there that are desperate to attract students, we act on your behalf by securing prearranged fantastic value deals on group travel and entry into the venue and we act on our suppliers behalf by supplying them with YOU!

What is European Tours 4 Students?

Tours4 Students European Tours specialises in student group travel to European cities. All you have to do to take advantage of International Tours4 Students is get a group of at least 20 students together, choose a destination and tell us exactly what you want to do while you are there (or listen to our many suggestions) We arrange the coach travel, ferry crossings, accommodation, insurance and activities. We can handle any number of students so if your whole University wants to go to Paris then just give us a call and we’ll come up with just the thing you’re looking for. Student tours to Amsterdam, Dublin, Prague, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Paris, Budapest and more......

And remember, we do the work, but you take the credit. Don’t worry we won’t tell anybody!

How can I pay?

By Cheque or bank transfer. Simple.

Do you have a list of terms and conditions?

We do, it’s not exactly thrilling reading but we will send you a copy with each booking you make or you can download them here. We like to keep things as simple as possible, you’ve got enough to think about without reading through tonnes of paperwork. We will always be open with you about our booking conditions and exactly what you can expect from a tour, that’s why you’ll never see any small print on any of our websites or in our brochures

How do you make your money?

We promote Tours 4 Students at every Uni in the UK, so with the huge amount of students who will use Tours4 Students in 2006/2007, we can negotiate discounts with the suppliers that aren’t currently available to you. We get a comission from attractions, hotels, coach companies and more that allow us to give you the best possible value for money.

Can’t I get it cheaper by organising it all myself?

Good luck trying! We operate nationally, so we get discounts and commission from all the companies we use, from the coach company to the venue and attractions in each region..! If you organise a tour yourself you might get ripped off…. AND… won’t be able to get the exclusive discounts that we do, so we both lose out! We also provide you with many additional services that you might not even have thought about, things like maps, itineraries, insurance, financial protection, flexible number changes and have we mentioned our fantastic prices…….?!

Can I mix and match any of the tour options?

Yeah, no problem, as long as there is enough time for each activity! Just tell us what you want to do and we can tailor a tour to suit your needs. In fact… that is what we do with every tour because we know that no two groups of students are the same.

What else do you do?

Tours4 ltd is expanding all the time. As well as Tours4 Students we also have Tours4 Sport, Ice cricket Tournaments and Student Paintball. We can organise a sports tour or tournament to suit anyone and everyone whether you play socially or seriously. We specialise in student cricket tours, student rugby tours, student hockey tours and student ricket tours in the UK and Europe. You can choose from one of our many tournaments or we can tailor a tour to suit your needs and budget. If you book your student sports tour with Tours4 Sport you know that you’ll be taking advantage of our fantastic group bookings discounts on hotels, coach and ferry travel and you can rest assured, knowing that your tour money is safe with us thanks to our Tour Operator Failure Insurance which ensures that you wouldn’t be left high and dry.

Click here to go to the Tours4 Sport website:

Click here to go to the Ice Cricket Website:


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